The DVSA announced that all MOT’s due after 30th March are to be extended for 6 months. MOT’s due before 30th March should be renewed. You will not be able to drive your car unless you are driving to take the test or you must SORN your vehicle if you are unable to get it tested, for example, if you are in isolation. MOT stations remain open after 30th March.

Considering the need to ensure that people can still drive to shop for food and essentials, help others who can’t leave home and workers who need to get to their place of work we are very surprised that this decision has been made. This opens up a raft of serious safety issues that should be carefully considered. Driving an unsafe vehicle can result in a crash or breakdown unnecessarily drawing in emergency services that are vitally required elsewhere.

Importantly, even though the government have extended MOT’s over this 6 month period, your vehicle MUST STILL MEET DVSA’S ROADWORTHY REQUIREMENTS. If you fail to maintain a roadworthy vehicle and have an accident involving another party your insurance will be VOID and you will be personally liable for damages. If you are routinely stopped by police and fail to have a roadworthy car, you could be fined £2500, be banned and get 3 penalty points.

Further information can be sought here.

With this in mind we we will inspect your car as usual with the addition of a top to bottom inspection on all vehicles including Class 4 & 7 commercial which goes beyond the requirements of an MOT. This will include checking oil and water, fuel hoses, suspension etc. with our VOSA approved MOT tester. We will issue your vehicle with a written emailed report detailing any advisories.

We think this is more important than ever now that people need to be able travel safely and without disruption. The inspection will be charged at less than our current charge for an MOT. If required this inspection can be completely carried out without our MOT tester entering your car.

You can remain inside your car for the duration of the inspection. Inspections are available 6 days a week until 8pm incl. Sat and by appointment on Sundays. Contact Warren on 07850 698700 or email: for more information or to book.
We are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with surface disinfection and protective wear if we are in contact with clients cars and we have implemented a ‘no entry’ rule in to the workshop. Clients drop their car off in our car park and leave the keys. All communication between us and the client is made by phone and online.

We have a well established servicing division for all makes and models of car and vans including company fleet vehicles for businesses in the region and we maintain many Fedex vans with their distribution centre adjacent to our workshop. For people that need to be able to drive their car or van, we service, repair, tyre supply and fit. There will be no disruption to our parts supply chain. If you do suffer a vehicle breakdown or are unable to get your car to us we can trailer collect within a 10 mile radius of our workshop at Westcott Venture Park. HP18 0XB for free or charge an agreed fee for collection if further.

Stay Safe!

The Topcats Racing Team