LS Series
Engine Conversions

We have made quite a name for ourselves, especially in the TVR world, by removing existing drive trains and replacing them with ultra-reliable ones producing huge power gains. We achieve this through the installation of LS3, LS7 and LS9 supercharged engines manufactured by GM and notably used to power the later productions of the Chevrolet Corvette. Ideally mated to the Tremec Magnum T6 gearbox for an unbeatable power and performance combination.

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Though the number is growing rapidly, we have currently converted 27 cars across the TVR model range. And through perfecting this conversion process, we have built arguably the fastest road-going TVR in the world – the TVR Sagaris with a Corvette LS9 engine and Lingenfelter supercharger, producing a whopping 753BHP!

Having your car converted to an LS engine with Topcats means that you won’t have to worry about finding the right person to handle its upkeep. Once we have completed your installation, post-conversion services and maintenance are simplified and inexpensive, with no engine warming rituals to worry about on a cold morning! Each car has its own limited-edition numbered plaque located in the engine bay, signed by the engineer as a finishing touch.

We will be happy to talk to you in detail if this is something you are considering for your car. Drop by the Topcats workshop for an informal chat and take a look at some of our other conversions whilst you’re here.

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