At last! We’ve had to keep our secret under wraps for a while until it was safely with us. A REALLY hard secret to keep with something this exciting but we managed!

Last week we were delighted to collect Jensen Lunn’s Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO which we will be running in GT Cup for 2021. He had such a great race season last year with us in our Marcos Mantis GT car and together with Warren Gilbert, they made a formidable driver pairing. Warren will now fulfil a boyhood dream and drive the Lamborghini with Jensen in the championship.
A significant departure from what they had both been racing last year. The raw physicality of driving the Marcos, replaced with the hugely technologically advanced Huracan EVO will take some getting used to! We hope the bravery points earned from driving the powerful Marcos will go some way to giving both drivers a head start.
Pre-season testing in the car will start at the end of February or beginning of March, depending on weather conditions and fingers crossed, no COVID 19 interruptions.
The car is currently in bare carbon fibre ready to be liveried once initial testing has been completed. The design has been finalised and we can’t wait to show you. It looks truly awesome BUT we will wait until the livery is actually on the car before we reveal it to you. Another secret we will have to hang on to for while!
Another great GT Cup calendar to look forward to in 2021. As always, we love to have our supporters, clients and friends at the races to spur us on so we will always do our best to get you free entry and come and have a close look at our incredible new machine!
We would like to thank, Paper Mountain Recycling and for all of your support.